Ascension Theory – Regeneration

Ascension Theory is a project by some of the members of the band Aztec Jade (Leon Ozug and Tim Becker). This album is a definite must have for all prog rockers and metal fans, and even sci-fi, fantasy people as well. this album is a cross between recent fates warning material, dream theater and shadow gallery. Like most Savatage projects, this album is a concept album, and if you enjoy sci-fi, this album is for you. this cd is a concept album about “two interstellar civilizations locked in a perpetual war,” kind of like star wars.

The programming, keyboards, and symphonic arrangements by Tim Becker are on par with anything John Williams, Hans Zimmer, or James Horner has orchestrated for the movies, and Leon Ozug’s guitar playing is similar to James Matheos of Fates Warning and John Petrucci of Dream Theater. In addition, Jodi St. John sings duets with Leon Ozug on tracks 1 and 5. Highlights are “Warriors,” “Lovers,” and the song “Regeneration.”

I would recommend this cd for anyone who likes Fates Warning, Dream Theater, and Shadow Gallery. You can purchase this cd at nightmare, and

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