Kaipa – Angling Feelings

2007 Inside Out Records

With every album that Kaipa has released since their 2002 reunion, it’s no surprise that the band’s mastermind Hans Lundin keeps the spirit of true 70’s progressive rock alive. Along with this ‘classic vibe’ and the updated production, Lundin’s knack for melodies ala Tales from the Topographic Oceans and Starless and Bible Black has instantaneous chaos, and that protrudes with tune upon tune of sophistication.

But all the while, Lundin has associated himself with an array of musicians, including vocalists Patrick Lundstom (Ritual) & Aleena, drummer Morgan Agren, and Flower Kings bassist Jonas Reingold; however the replacement for Roine Stolt is none other than Scar Symmetry’s Per Nilsson. Now you probably are asking, does this extreme metal guitarist offer a heavier sound to Kaipa, no, not necessarily. He does add his shredding flare to the record, sort of disguising himself as Trevor Rabin in many cases, exposing a different side to his playing.

Angling Feelings is your typical Kaipa record, expounding upon the ‘divided composition’ technique, where you have one thing going on after the other, per say synth solo, then guitar solo, then vocal parts, a jam session that changes time signature…you get the picture. The title track opens up the record like an overture would begin a musical, moving on nevertheless, “The Glorious Side Within” is this minstrel tune, playing out an edgy folk element, while “The Fleeting Existence of Time,” “Path of Humbleness,” and “Solitary Pathway” retain the atmosphere of true progressive rock with all of the technical elements being brought to the table. Even with all of the wild musical execution going on, two laid back tracks make their way onto Angling Feelings, where both “Broken Chords” & the ballad “Ship of Life” add contrast to the instrumental pandemonium that embraces the record.

Angling Feelings offers another intricate work by Hans Lundin & Co., where he and the band go beyond pushing the envelope in pursuing an alchemy of melodic endurance.

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