Kaipa – In Wake of the Evolution

2010 Inside Out Music / Century Media Records

Quirky prog-rock is the name of the game for the legendary Kaipa; ever since their inception in 1973, Hans Lundin and Co. have boasted an impressive set of albums and adherents in the membership department. With a career that has seen itself through all of the eras progressive rock, from their early stages on Decca to the contemporary moments on Inside Out – their latest album, In Wake of the Evolution is another note in their revolution.

Even with the membership factor shifting a bit, you have Keyboardist Lundin all over the place, Flower King/Karmakanic bassist Jonas Reingold, Scar Symmetry’s Per Nilsson on guitar, legendary drummer Morgan Ã…gren, and the voices of both Patrik Lundström (Ritual) & Aleena Gibson, who have become familiar personalities in this group. Like The Flower Kings, The Tangent, and of course both Ritual’s (think The Hemulic Voluntary Band) and Karmakanic, this musical monstrosity hearkens the classic sounds of prog, as In Wake of the Evolution has the intricacy of surreal musical passages and fairy tale mystic lyrics – driven by the lush arrangements cast out by the synthesizers and six string flourishes from Nilsson that range from the jazz/fusion influenced to the metal crunch making this record what it is.

The title track opens the record with it’s sophisticated down-to-earth-prog flare, immediately giving us something that we can both expect and welcome – but diversity is swiftly found in the ethereal Renaissance-ish tunes such as “In The Heart of Her Own Magic Filed” & “The Words are like Leaves,” which sees the band delving into more atmospheric and folk elements – with the more eclectic electric intrusions towards the end. Celtic Folk also infuses tunes such as the aptly titled “Folky’s First Decision,” while acoustic neo is brought forth on “Even Oceans of Our Mind,” while “Arcs of Sound” and “Electric Power Water Notes” & “Smoke From a Secret Source” round out the record’s grass rooted art-rock approach with mind-bending improvisations and insane time signatures/key changes, again further exposing the band’s strengths upon musicianship and melody.

In Wake of the Evolution is another tried and true testament to classic progressive rock with a modern flare – still knowing no boundaries when pressing on with their compositional approach and showing that the headroom is unlimited when it comes to executing an impressive musical mindset.

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