Dorian Opera – Crusade 1212

2011 Solemnity Music

For two guys who can go all out symphonic and full on classical, both keyboardist/pianist Andrew Roussak & guitarist Oliver Weislogel really know how to make the worlds off the composition and the song collide with vigorously melodic results – put them both together and you have the Dorian Opera albums that have expounded upon melodic prog metal infused with a stern neo-classical compositional approach, and with that, there isn’t this pretentious overt musicianship ego attitude, meriting albums that keep the technical vibe intact while retaining an accessible sound throughout.

Another thing that keeps Dorian Opera in high gusto is that there is a retention of a ‘band’ sound, giving Crusade 1212 it’s boldness. Dramatic and cinematic, you have “Overture 1212,” “Crusade,” & “Follow Your Heart” for those who love the challenging thought minded tunes, while “Harbour of Marseilles,” “Sermon in Saint-Denis,” & the arena oriented “So Long” execute the more song minded approach, as skilled and intricate chops rule the record fronted by vocalist Sven the Axe and guest female vocalist Alexandra Goess,

Comparisons to Sun Caged, Mattsson, Consortium Project, and even what a stripped down Ayreon would be like are present – there is something for everybody here as its musicianship, melodic, and monster shredding, both from the guitar & keys, with an intense rhythms section, bring about a well rounded offering of prog metal.

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