Kaipa – Vittjar

2012 Inside Out Music / Century Media

Have played progressive rock for decades and having seen first hand the changes and development within the scene itself, Hans Lundin has always maintained a fresh handle on art rock, building the band’s own evolution upon the ever evolving genre. Just as his past few albums had possessed classic progressive rock with an assorted blend of musical elements here and there, VIttjar also features the familiar vocal personalities of both Aleena Gibson and Ritual’s Patrik Lundström and the hard edged guitar of Scar Symmetry axeman Per Nilsson.

Even with the sound rooted in classic prog and symphonic rock, Lundin isn’t afraid to make daring moves into Eastern-European and minstrel folk, but as Vittjar opens up with the traditional approach of “First Distraction,” the record doesn’t get too far fetched in exotic temperaments, as the wheels for the music’s underlying complexity are in motion giving the audience an offering of what they know best. The same can be said for the eleven minute “Lightblue and Green” and the twenty two minute “Our Silent Ballroom Band” as the sense of melodic neo-prog dominates the multifaceted epic oriented approach, not veering too far from a melodic formula. Yet the gypsy violin prevalent in the title track, the upbeat power pop dominated “Treasure-House,” and the mystical elements of “A Universe of Tinyness” & “A Crowded Hillsides” prove that Lundin and company field other influences within their own musical template, nodding to assorted melodic variants that gives their tuneful edge desirable breathing room.

Nevertheless Vittjar represents all of the proper elements of progressive rock through the years, whether it be the embryonic stages through the FM radio years of seventies or up to the anything goes attitude of today – Lundin has been able to adapt to all modernizations of art rock with consistency, yet with unpredictability as well, and album number twelve proves it.

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