Under the Psycamore – I

2012 7D Media

These guys are proof that to be intense, you don’t necessarily have to be chaotic otherwise garnering attention of lost post ‘Gen X-ers; nor to create mood music, you don’t have to go into ‘new age’ anomalies tailor made for doctors offices and yuppie retreats. Yet for this collaborative effort between Jonathan Greiff & Carl Blomqvist, Under the Psycamore, is a nu-prog extravaganza of sometimes laid back, but always brooding melodies mixed intricate musical nuances.

Pondering along the lines of Tool, Long Distance Calling, No-Man, & Trey Gunn, the band’s experimentalism leads to sparse often melancholic etudes combined with moody tracks with vocals sparking a translucent soundscape of beautiful dream-pop and post shoegaze copulated with spikey instrumentation counterpoints, breaking up any monotony. The multifaceted melodically maniacal warfare of “The Gatherer,” the sweet acoustic two part “Beyond the Warfare,” the darkened metal overtures of “Garmonbozia” and the harmonious post-rock within “Amalthea” expose the duo’s ability with nothing but the music to speak for itself without any persuasion.

And even though there might be two men at the helm, they aren’t using that idea as some gimmick to grab attention nor are they showing battle scars of desperate musical mannerisms built upon vainful experimentation, Under the Psycamore shows us that progressive rock and art rock is more than meets the ears; having grown well beyond the realm and risen above the dinosaur rock stigma

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