Nosound – At the Pier

2012 Kscope Music

It’s a shame that nu-prog has been a hard sell to the indie rock and post-goth rock crowd; as the tunage hearkens the days of ‘left of the dial’ experimental music ala Tortoise, This Mortal Coil, Chapterhouse, My Bloody Valentine, and the 4AD label, as a whole host of ‘progressive bands, including Engineers, Mothlite, & recent Anathema have built themselves on a fine foundation of dreamy soundscapes, para-shoegaze vibes, and modern psychedelic pastures to entice the ears.

Another band, Nosound have taken their musical monarchy to variance with each additional release, and with the EP At the Pier, the three tracks behold a deliverance of diversity of Giancarlo Erra and Co.’s melodic nuances with the ‘neo’ tinged alt-prog of “A New Start,” the aggressive metalized attitude of “The Anger Song,” and the hallowed haunt of the acoustic “Two Monkeys,” with it’s piano and cello dominating the latter’s vibe. A great place to start to check out what this band can do, seeing how these three tracks are representative to Nosound’s body of work as a whole, not to mention a low price.

CLICK HERE to read an interview with Giancarlo Erra from late summer of 2011

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