Amusings: Studio Day Fourve – Shut Up

So I missed a day. So what. What am I, a robot? You charge my nickel-cadmium battery or whatever and I dance around typing words for your amusement? You know what? YOU guys are robots!

I’m sorry. That was a result of pent-up guilt over missing a blog. Which was entirely my fault. I’m sorry I accused you guys of being robots. I know it’s probably not true. I’ll have to make it up to you. How about a nice dinner? We can go out, have a drink, some food, (if robots even eat food). SORRY. Man, I apologize.

So, on to the recording, which is what you’re all here for. Both of you. Yesterday and today were actually very similar, in that it was guitar day both days. All the heavy guitars, rhythms and such, were laid down, and completed tonight. Tomorrow starts the clean guitar parts. Now, I know it gets old listening to me tell you about how huge and awesome things are sounding. But what do you want, lies? You’re not paying me all this money to lie to you. And I respect you too much to do it. It sounds corny, but it’s true.

There was a mix of speaker cabs, mics, and heads that were painstakingly sifted through to find the perfect sound that we knew this album needed. Here are a few pics of the setup for the speaker cabinets, all alone in the huge room:




You guys. There are many ways to record huge guitars. This is one of them. While the guitar is played in the control room, the sound is being just utterly BLASTED in the huge room. It’s insanely loud, and that’s what gets the tone. In the control room, it’s not so loud. If we open the door while the guitar is being played? All our hearts stop. Yup. Also, all YOUR hearts stop. Probably. Either way, just be glad we didn’t do that. It’s bad for business.

However, if you love the sound of monstrously loud, thick, crunchy guitars, this was the place to be. The attention to detail and meticulous nature evident in the guys here at Elaire studios is something to behold. They want this album to be our signature work, and obviously, so do we. I have good feelings. GATHER ROUND, CHILDREN, AND HEAR TELL OF MY GOOD FEELINGS ABOUT THE UPCOMING ISD ALBUM. That’s what I said today. Everyone looked at me like I had lost my mind, though, so I just left it at that. I guess everyone at the liquor store around the corner from the studio was absent the day they handed out a sense of humor. Whatever.

The end result is, drums are now done, and heavy guitars are now done. The songs are taking shape, and we’re just layering everything in nice and thick. The foundation is getting stronger. And we’re getting pretty excited. I hope you are too. I’ll be back tomorrow with more exciting details about the majesty that will be the clean guitars. They’ll make you cry. In your pants.

If robots even WEAR pants…

Pete is the mastermind behind the monstrous and ethereal keyboards in Imminent Sonic Destruction. Listen at your own risk.

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