Amusings: Studio Day Three – The Search for Spock

Oh kids oh KIDS! The drums, they are… how you say… done! And, that’s not even the best part! Ok, it’s probably the best part. For today. And for Pat. And for NARNIA!!!

Wait. No, that can’t be right. Ah, well. Good enough.

You’ll forgive me if I’m a bit giddy here on day three of our epic journey into the realm of concept album-ness. Pat just DESTROYED the drums on the last track of the album. He was not F-ing around, as the wise man once said. This is the longest track on the album, and the most musically insane. It’s a little over 6 minutes long. Well, plus another 15 or so. But who’s counting? (Us. We’re counting. Just to make sure we don’t get arrested by the UN for violating the little known, but painstakingly enforced Song Length Code, Section 43, Paragraph VII of the International Necronomicon).

Anyway, he was all business. Wearing a suit, taking notes, pretending they meant something, and then completely ignoring them while playing. Seriously. Except for the suit part. He was telling us an enchanting tale, of how while he was recording, he’d look at the notes he had labored over for the last hour, and they looked like they were written in Klingon. It was an enthralling story, like Shakespeare or some shit. Here’s proof of the note taking, just for posterity.


By the way, this is probably where I should say this. It turns out Pat is pretty good. Who knew? Seriously guys. Holy crap. You’ll know what I’m talking about when the album gets released. Just remember that I warned you. And so, it was a joyous atmosphere when it was decreed from on high that we were done tracking drums. So, after a heartfelt fist bump, a few somber words, a celebratory shot and a quick ass grab, it was time to tear down the drums and move on. It was pretty emotional, you guys. I can’t lie, I shed a tear. Well. I mean, I CAN lie. I just don’t. Meaning of course that I do. All the time. Like, ALL the time. Just kidding. Or do I?

So the first hurdle has been cleared. The bedrock is there, now we move on to guitars. This is also a very interesting and impressive undertaking from a studio standpoint. More to come on that tomorrow. With pictures, and other stuffs! You’re gonna like it.

Ok guys, go to bed. It’s a school night. Look under your bed for robots before you go to sleep. If you don’t see them, just know that THEY’RE STILL THERE.

Pete is the mastermind behind the monstrous and ethereal keyboards in Imminent Sonic Destruction. Listen at your own risk.

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