Amusings: Studio Day Two – The Second Day

Well hello. We meet again. You’re looking svelte. Is that a new haircut? Did you take a shower or something?

So yeah. Here we are in the studio, making what the pros call “magic.” It’s a lot like what you and I call magic, but the pros have a leather couch. Today has been very productive. Pat, armed with the glorious sounds achieved yesterday, has been blasting through the songs with reckless abandon and a penchant for buggery. Not sure what that means. Don’t worry about it. Seriously, stop it. All you need to know is, the drums are probably going to make all of you collapse in a puddle on the floor. Because you won’t have any bones. That’s right. These drum parts will liquefy your bones. I looked it up on WebMD and cross referenced it with Wikipedia, so just take my word for it.

You guys, I’m going to tell you a secret right now. Don’t say anything.

This is a lot of fun. Really. There’s nothing like being in the studio, watching original music you’ve been working on start to take the shape and form that you’ve pictured in your head for months. It’s exciting. Sure it can be tedious, and it’s a LOT of work, but let’s be honest. It’s not like the kind of work that most people (including us) have to do on a daily basis. It’s making memories. It’s creation. It’s having a drink or three and enjoying the camaraderie that comes from being in a really good band that all gets along. That’s not something we take lightly, we know it’s not the norm. There’s no boss cracking the whip, you take breaks when you feel like it, do a shot when it’s needed, and at the bottom of it we all know how important this is and how serious we need to take it. I recommend it. It’s good for the pancreas.

So, notable moments from today. Nick’s Macbook decided to commit suicide, Josh regaled us with tales of ribaldry, we talked hockey, renamed the studio with every name we could think of that would be copyright trouble, and Pat studied for recording the last song, a 21-minute EPIC in every sense of the word, by wearing as any headphones as Michigan law allows.


I’ll tell ya, each day is better than the next. I’m gonna go take a nap. Replace the word “nap” with “running leap at Tony’s head, feet first.” Wish me luck, robots!

I know you’re probably not really robots.


But I still don’t trust you.


Pete is the mastermind behind the monstrous and ethereal keyboards in Imminent Sonic Destruction. Listen at your own risk.

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