In light of the Pope’s recent shift to the progressive rock world, what will Pope Francis 1’s (aka Pope Prog, the Partier) next move be?  Ytsejam.com has the answer.  With the Pope’s highly anticipated prog influenced album “Wake Up” to be released on November 27th (with music by members of the Italian prog group Le Orme), he has also booked a tour with New York prog rockers Edensong.  The pope went on progarchives.com to look for an appropriate act to tour with.  “I wanted a band that had a Christian touch to them – something that sounded gentle and with the bible written all over it.  As soon as I saw Edensong, I knew it would be them.”  The Pope went on to say that his favorite songs by them were “Beneath the Tide” and “Water Run,” claiming that the biblical overtones and undertones were simply astounding and powerful.  When asked about their controversial song “The Sixth Day,” with lyrics like, “And on the sixth day, man created God, to help see things we can’t explain…” the Pope had little to say other than, “I’m in a high position of authority in the Catholic Church and I don’t want to get involved in that kind of discussion, but damn those are tasty lyrics (ytsejam.com had to translate just the final sentence from the Pope’s native tongue, Spanish).”  Tour dates are being finalized as this is being typed but word has it that the first show will be in front of the building where Brooklyn’s Trash Bar once stood, a rebellious move by the Pope to fight gentrification everywhere.  The opener is set to be Pope Benedict XVI who has been trying to promote his album Evil Pope: Ignore the Scandals since 2005.  No one has really cared about Benedict, but the current Pope is so kind that he wanted to give the last Pope a chance.  “I don’t like him, but I admire his ambition to be evil,” said Pope Prog, the Partier.

Below is a picture of the Pope singing a capella with Edensong to celebrate the coming of this grand tour.


Also, Edensong’s Album Years in the Garden of Years is being delayed by 5 more years and will not come out until 2023.


Tony “2 Toes” Waldmanisio

Tony is the drummer and resident wacko of Edensong.

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