This is really TERRIBLE NEWS.  The album is basically mixed.  Yeah…how can we keep this blog going if there is an end in sight? What can be a NEVERENDING ALBUM when finality hovers over us while we’re on the toilet seats pondering about ponds and Mike Lepond? The news excited keyboardist Stefan Paolini but then James smashed his dreams with whopping words of “there’s are lot more to do…” Stefan flipped out and I just ate Trader Joe’s Chocolate Cat Cookies and fed them to Stefan, saving the day but really not and just wasting perfectly good Cat Cookies on Stefan.  Real video footage of all of this going down right below YA!
 Once mixing is complete (James and I are racing to finish TODAY, the 21st of June), James will leave for Florida on June 28th to meet with the legendary Mastering Engineer, Bob Katz, aka Bob “Cat Cookies” Katz. He’s done mastering for a lot of peeps, from Sinead O’Connor to Magenta, to Duke Ellington, to District 97 to Trader Joe’s cat cookie theme songs. I, Tony, will NOT go with James because I am not a psycho like James who is taking his second trip to Florida from New York for this album to meet with this legendary “MASTERMIND” (pun intendo NINTENDOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!   I mean, the album is taking so long that Jame’s first mastering session with Bob was just a handshake and a cat cookie exchange to just delay things.  Luckily Bob “Chocolate Cat Cookies” Katz understood and condoned the stupid act and will welcome James on his second mission next week. We can never do an album like this again because all of this is psychotic and half of us owe our ridiculous tendencies to being on the autism spectrum.
*************Also, we have a show Friday 6/24 at DROM in NYC, Manhattan, the big island with Central Park in it.  We will be playing with the great Aunt Ange who wrote music for the creepy TV series PENNY DREADFUL
**This blog was payed for by Trader Joe’s Cat Cookies
Continued love from James, and Bob “Cat Cookies” Katz (pic of the two below)
Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.50.21 AM
Tony is the drummer and resident wacko of Edensong.

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