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After almost 17 years running, we no longer have the time or staff to keep this site up to date with the latest news, review and interviews like we used to be able to. Times change, people get older and busier and new blood fails to appear to take over the reigns of the day-to-day tasks of gathering and updating the site.  It’s a sad thing but it was inevitable and almost happened years ago. So at least we got a little more time.

It’s been fun and we’ve made many, many good friends in these past 17 years. The site will remain up and running as an archive for the time being. If and when we can get some more help in the updating department we’ll restart. If that day never comes, well, we still had a great run. Our page on Facebook will also remain in operation and we will do our best to keep information flowing there.

Thanks to all who visited, supported and became part of our community.  It’s been a blast.

Koggie is the founder of and a really cool guy

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