Anderson / Stolt – Invention of Knowledge

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2016 InsideOut Music

There was a funny time when it seemed like there was this whole barrage of prog supergroups, some with a multitude of guests creating this super project that for a moment in time. They all were garnered as the best thing since sliced bread; sometimes often owing to the fact that there are all these names involved (most obscure, only known strictly to the progressive rock community). We don’t see to many of those often, but every once in a while, there is something that rolls around worthy of a listen beyond the art-rock scene.

Enter Jon Anderson and Roine Stolt; both veterans, one that has been waltzing around arenas since the beginning of the psychedelically tinged days of Yes and the other who reined in the new era of sophisticated and intricate rock music with his band The Flower Kings, respectively. But this is not a pastiche of either’s well known endeavors, as Invention of Knowledge marks a new chapter in the books for both. While everyone’s vibe foreshadows what beholds, there is a little bit of reflection upon other projects including Anderson’s work with Ponty, Vangelles, and some of his solo outings while Stolt’s presence as a guitarist and producer in context drives a lot of the emotion as well both the musical spirit & authority of the record alongside Anderson’s commanding voice; which still holds up in superb manner.

Elegant without stiff flamboyance, the appropriate mix of pomp pop (“Invention”& “Knowing”), eased back melodic tunes (“Better by Far”), multi-faceted musical expression (“We Are Truth”) and balladry (“Chase and Harmony”) creates the myriad of musical ideology that works perfectly. Devoid of all out metal extravaganzas or fusion filled madness, Invention of Knowledge will do more than rock the boat. It’s like getting a visit from two long time friends whom have an intriguing story to tell amongst the long awaited hello. Lives up to the pedigree of the namesakes.

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