Black Star Riders – The Killer Instinct

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2015 Nuclear Blast Records


It’s no secret that it is hard to fill the shoes of the dynamo & charisma that Phil Lynott possessed, but Black Star Riders have proven that his legacy lives way beyond Thin Lizzy unto itself. As with their debut All Hell Breaks Loose, the sophomore follow up is no slouch; just imagine picking up the needle where that record’s final tune “Right to be Wrong” (oh yes if you bought the vinyl, you got that bonus track) and dropping it on the next record where the tunage immediately floods the ears with the hard rocking dueling guitar fanfare of the title track where the two sets of six strings announce, Were back Motherfuckers!

Not afraid to let their bright lights shine with bold arena rock grandeur copulated with enigmatic and furious side of pop sensibility; (on the first album) we heard the tunes such as “Hey Judas” howling from the speakers on the first record and cuts like “Sex, Guns, and Gasoline” (yes, what sheer power that title invokes), the dark yet manic “You Liar” & the creepy, catchy as hell “Charlie I Gotta Go,” really bring that anthem action to the table; plus you have stand out tracks including, the Alice In Chains-esque, groove riddled “Turn In Your Arms” and the happy go lucky “Finest Hour,” with the fearless “‘Sha Na Na Na Na…” infectious hook. They even dive into balladry with “Blindsided” for a full on emotional delivery, plus there is tribute to the Celtic roots of ‘Lizzy heard on “Soldierstown;” divine sounds “The Killer Instinct” beholds.

No disappointments, as there is a lot to expect after hearing the debut, but upon knowing what these guys (Ricky Warwick, Scott Gorham, Damon Johnson, Robbie Crane, & Jimmy DeGrasso) are capable of; hell yes, we know what to expect, no need to rattle the nerves; everything holds up just as well with seamless energy. So let us rock and roll vultures devour the sonic madness and rejoice the ride that is at full throttle.

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