DGM – The Passage

2016 Frontiers Records

For decades these guys have known how to lay the right cards on the table. Having started at the right time for technical metal to rear it’s head; you know, when songs and melody were still involved, they honed their craft and simply grew out of tribute and testament to strong songwriting, putting that elemental grip on the frontline with intricate ammunition loaded in their cannons.

A gallery of anthems, The Passage’s tuneful recourse spreads it’s wings across all ends of the music, not delaying the hooks just to let a solo pass nor waiting in suspense for any chorus to jump in the fire, as DGM is always on the fence to get their musical skills on – everything abroad proves that pop and heavy music can exist in any universal fashion. The tracks that grab the attentive emotion are the openers “The Secret (Parts 1 & 2)” prevailing with immediacy, plus “Ghost of Insanity” with its temperamental attitude brings about a more aggressive approach; but it’s the sheer single worthy tunes such as “Portrait” and ballad “In Sorry” that would fit perfectly on Album Rock Radio, if such a thing existed these days. Nevertheless, listening to the album as a whole, the record is awash in enigmatic tunes; even when there are surgencies of intensity, i.e. double bass pounding. And that’s surgency, not urgency thankfully lacking severely half-baked emotion of being darkly cliché or any of that wankingly menacing bullshit that rots catchiness to the core. So is this an melodic metal band with progressive tendencies or is this a prog-metal band gobbling up AOR, the answer is yes.

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