Evergrey – The Storm Within

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Label : AFM
Link : http://www.evergrey.net/

2016 AFM Records

They say that they have gotten to the point on this album, and that is honest. If there is a band that has remained consistent thought a career, it is Evergrey. Love the prog genre of severely dislike it, their two decades of metal mania have seen them as one of the forerunners of the genre. Like many bands that formed at the end of the millennium, they knew what real songwriting is about & knew how to create a real, fat sounding album with an organic vibe. Now as computers have become the lead instrument for the show offs who can’t dry-heave a decent tune, it’s good to hear that it all comes back to the music and not just the musicianship. Back to their consistency, it’s nothing less than we would expect from this Gothenburg powerhouse; dark, moody, brooding – better this than attempting to jump on the passé bandwagon of symphonic/neo-classical metal as they don’t paint themselves into corner. But with The Storm Within, all the staccato laden sinister syncopation between everybody beholds their stark verses against the mood quaking choruses embedded with remotely cerebral lyricism based on pensive ideology; the formula isn’t broken, so why try to fix it.

“Astray” fleshy unleashes an aggressive beat with it’s pulsating hypertension while “The Lonely Monarch” leaps into more single minded territory, scorching the album as a highly accessible tune without losing it’s ballsy attitude. Even “Disconnect,” a more ballad flavored number isn’t without it’s belligerent rhythmic assault; again, keeping their sound mighty within more poignant vibes. The result shows they are still going strong, no doubt about that.

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