Fates Warning – Darkness In A Different Light

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Label : Inside Out
Release Date : 9/3/13
Country : US
Format : CD/DL
Link : http://www.fateswarning.com

 2013 Inside Out/Century Media

            The whole debate about how progressive rock or progressive metal bands evolve, or what their creative peak is has become a debacle that finds itself situated in between a heated Star Wars/Star Trek argument and a doctor’s sermon about Spina Bifida. But whether you prefer a primitive sound or something keen on blowing minds, Fates Warning is going to be Fates Warning. Like peers Dream Theater & Queensryche, they were able to attack the concept album (A Pleasant Shade of Grey) & the ‘hit’ song (“Eye to Eye”), running the track with line up changes, which included a frontman and a major label deal, over a period of just going past thirty years; a toss up of both persistency and change are inevitable – as this band kepps building the genre that is light years past its infancy

What is it now, nine years since they have unleashed their last album, FWX. Since then the whole prog-metal scene has changed, never mind what’s happened through the years that this band had existed; plus side projects (OSI, Arch/Matheos, Redemption) have been in high profile. With their past two records, both Disconnected & FWX leaving a lot of people shaming the musical direction, it should be understood that Fates Warning heeded music on their own evolutionary terms, now Darkness In A Different Light sees the band re-establishing their heavier roots while still incorporating technical illumine with echoes of nu-prog & diverse melodic characteristics sweeping throughout the record.

Featuring axeman Jim Matheos (only original member standing), longtime lead vocalist Ray Alder, the return of original guitarist Frank Aresti, standing collaborator/bassist/producer Joey Vera, and have sticks will travel drummer Bobby Jarzombek; the lineup for this record proves solid, collaborative, and bold. Musically the glowing assortment of moods and stylistic approaches provide depth in meticulously sketched out tunes that aren’t hard to assimilate. As the opening track “One Thousand Fires” mirrors a No-Exit-ish vibe, bolstering a heavy crusade along with Alder’s soaring vocals; it’s at this point thats it is in stone, that they not falling for some reckless abandon approach. As aplomb stoms around, the heavy fodder has the staccato laden cuts (“I Am”), straightforward groove machines (“Desire” & Firefly”), and darker, eased back tunes (“Lighthouse” & the stripped back, short and sweet “Falling”) with a the fourteen minute multi-faceted “And Yet it Moves,” which ruins the gamut through various musical gestures; with songwriting still reaming a being a potent force. Nearly over a decade and the wait was worth it, as Darkness… beholds their strongest material since Parallels.

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