Greenleaf – Trails & Passes

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Label : Small Stone
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2014 Small Stone Recordings

Discovering this band entices the same excitement as dropping the needle on a rare vinyl record. This sounds like a lost treasure from back in the day when experimental rock ala-  Sir Lord Baltimore, Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac, & early-Blue Oyster Cult, Trails & Passes invoked a non-stop boogie aura to the sonics of stoner rock. As the groove touches upon the lean and mean jam session, Greenleaf leaves the whole snail racing charred wasteland behind as the grinding riffage grips proving that these guys know where to set the overdrive knob to give it enough brutality, while forbidding chaos to take over.

While “Equators” & “Our Mother Ash” possess a psychotic angle to power pop, it’s the chugging grooves of “Bound to be Machines” & “Humans” that keep the room filled with thick THC laden smoke with sublime temperament, all executed loudly. Overall, a stunningly vicious and essential ‘new’ classic hard rock manifest.

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