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2014 InsideOut Music

It’s only fair to say considering axeman John Wesley’ pedigree, that a more rock oriented album shows strengths beyond being a sideman or a clone of his many associates. Sharing the live stage with Fish, Porcupine Tree, current members of Marillion and even Sister Hazel, he has shown that he can hold his own, being more than a footnote.

Flaunting a more ‘rock style’ with Disconnect as opposed to the predecessor Lilypad Suite which delved deep into nu-prog territories, this new record touches upon an emotional, tender singer/songwriter sentiment. He’s not out to play the guitar God or spit out pompus flash, yet he lets his six string fervor shine, challenging the melodic schematics, but not challenging the listener into oblivion. Many of the tracks here are executed on the basis of the guitar solo engulfing the outro of many songs, letting his voice be heard in one way with the lyrical motifs and his other voice sound out with harmonious posture.

“Any Old Saint,” “How Goes the War” and the Devin Townsed-ish “Gets You Everytime” exposes the heavier side of the record, offering up a cantankerous approach to power pop while the tambo shaking heard on the mid-tempo rocker “Take What You Need” and the laid back semi-acoustic “Satellite” breathe more laid back concessions.

When digging deeper, he can’t be faulted for going into some tinges of classic and harder alternative rock; Alice in Chains’ Jar of Flies comes to mind with a hallowed darkened stature, fruitful of the nu prog mannerisms of The Pineapple Thief & No-Man. All of this is much more cleverly depicted with a gritty edge and ballsy substance, which is something that a lot of modern rock and prog lacks.

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