Karmakanic – DOT

2016 Inside Out Music

Ever since Karmakanic’s inception in the early millennium, we soon learned that Jonas Reingold has quite a bit to offer in his own right than simply being a member of The Flower Kings. A Multi-Instrumentalist, countless album credits & deep involvement with various bands, studio/record label owner, and a diverse songwriter for many of rock’s genre’s, he’s known on a first name basis.

A handful of albums into their career, DOT marks another notch on the belt as well as a predictable array of musicianship and quality. True, the default formula for melodic progressive rock is carved in stone, but this music stands out in what has become a gentrified genre. Nevertheless, for proggers the music will provide astonishment for many as no shortage of your neo-jazzy and post-classical overtones lock horns with the melodies which are fit for exploratory improvisations and atmospheric colors that provide the album with magnetism. Without struggle, the twenty-three minute multifaceted opener “God the Universe…Part One” runs the gamut of various musical nuances filled with synths, jam sessions, and several shades from a palate (the choirs used here make the track sound like church music at times) as does the ten -minute follow up “Higher Ground,” where the latter’s mellow vibe weighs deep with a few bright intense moments to liven up the track up every now and then. As frontman Goran Edman has his history within AOR pasture, what record would be complete without an actual pop laden song; “Steer by the Stars” gives us that.

DOT marks a collaborate effort by all as opposed to assistance, so the band feel opens up that seductive meditation for which the bedrock of all the tunes are built around. You definitely get drawn into the music.

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