Knifeworld – Bottled Out of Eden

2016 InsideOut Music

Fun with prog? Yes boys and girls, Knifeworld does prove their point by taking the nasty pretentiousness and drab seriousness out of the music, adding a goofier demeanor instead; and you know what, it works – why the hell does hsome band ever want to be tense in the first place? With honking saxes, insane time signatures that often add a sonic humorous element (never mind the lyrics), and nods to modernist progressive rock (The Mars Volta & The Flaming Lips), there is this intensity that goes bonkers through and through.

Throughout Bottled Out of Eden, tunes such as “I Am Lost” molds itself together as a tame Van der Graff Generator cut, while “Lowered into Necromancy” pulls ideas out of a toybox the same way Gentle Giant would. But with the straightforward grooves of “I Must Set Fire to Your Portrait” and the smooth, airy “A Dream Bout a Dream,” the record finds itself juxtaposed at times with more easygoing gestures as you hear the pressure build up on one tune that leads to the reaction of it’s release on another.

Delightfully insane, Bottled out of Eden is an example of how dorking around with the music cracks a smile more so than someone arrogantly serious desperately trying to improvise a guitar solo like John Coltrane or Miles Davis would do on their horns. No stiff-ass brick music here.

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