Messenger – Threnodies

2016 InsideOut Music

They are a hardworking band, having earned their stripes playing various progressive rock festivals over the years since their incarnation in 2012. Not a band to sit around and dream of what is to come, they have made things happen in a world awash with every narcissistic musician jumping on the prog bandwagon who usually do nothing but hermitize in their own dreamworld. Messenger’s music walks the line of the younger generation coming on board to join the musician-based mindset of tuneful, gritty, aggressive elements, fraught with swinging emotions and stylistic shifts. If you could imagine Porcupine Tree or Haken without the pop and Dream Theater minus the AOR, then add a dessert rock vibe, this is what you have; but in that process, no intriguing elements fly out the window.

For all of Threnodies’ intricacy and technical edge, there is a balancing act that dances on the possibility of being in danger of becoming uninspiring in melodic terms, yet thankfully, their sense of slipping in catchy nuances saves grace as anomalies of blatant arrogance don’t rear their head. For the tracks themselves, darkness beholds a shadowy pall, as high points include the proto-metal tinged “Oracles of War” and the attitude shifting “Pareidolia,” which combines Sabbathy grooves with lush acoustic textures. Then you have the blues laden closing cut“Crown of Ashes,” standing with a ballsier approach to more atmospheric material enlisted with this type of music.

Threnodies will show appeal to all proggers, as those guys will sink their teeth into with sincere gratitude of the gluttonous gorge, melodic fans might find it harder to take a bite; however, crossover appeal is in tow. But then again, that’s showbiz within the art-rock world; and these guys can definitely put one on.

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