Nosound – Afterthoughts

Genre :
Label : Kscope Music
Release Date : 4/21/13
Country : Italy
Format : CD
Duration : 52min
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2013 Kscope Music


The one thing about Nosound, is that you know the vision of Giancarlo Erra is consistent; you know that there isn’t going to be any dance music, any upbeat pop tunes, or any metal – call them nu-gaze, post-shoegaze, post prog, or nu-prog; Nosound have certainly made a big sound.

Always taking a step in the darkened direction to prevail with melodramatic and hallowed baroque pop, Afterthoughts is no exception. You do have to take with a grain of salt the whole down tempo momentum that usually engulfs Nosound’s music, as there is more beyond the veil to be heard upon the ears. In any sense, studio album number four breeds new haunting textures into the mix and invokes a fresh collective, as opposed to being a mere predictable continuation. It’s with the glistening guitar intro of “In My Fears” leading into emotional edge of the track itself that lends the sonics to more exploratory diligence, it’s clear that there is always a lot going on. Following through with the lighthearted piano laden “Two Monkeys” and the infinite guitar riddled “She,” the soaring sheet of sound (particularly from the sustain of the cymbals) casts a hypnotic impression, nearly sounding as if they are on the brink of letting loose, but keeping the songs in constant motion never going into disarray.

Nevertheless Erra and Co. let do flex things a little on “Wherever You Are,” getting deeper into harder territories to mend a more daring pinnacle while bringing things back to basics for a deeper intimate expression on both “Encounter” and the title track, both having a more singer/songwriter side ala The Northern Religion of Things. Through the layered production of the album and the spacious reverb (sounding as if it were recorded in a cathedral) there is a buffet of sound to be absorbed, wrapped up in audiophile quality, as Afterthoughts doesn’t get tangled in a dense mess, even with all of the production nuances that heighten the moodiness and overall vibe. Like many in the ‘family’ of related/similar artists including No Man, The Pineapple Thief, Lunatic Soul, and his other project Memories of Machines, it’s the air of expression, whether either lyrically or musically that is the key with Nosound. You can never underestimate music like this as there is a lot to be heard beneath the surface.

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