Osada Vida – Particles

Genre :
Label : Metal Mind
Release Date : 3/30/13
Country : Poland
Format : CD
Duration : 50min
Link : http://www.metalmind.com.pl/index.php?dzial=artysci&id=374

 2013 Metal Mind Productions

            It’s blasphemy in the prog world to criticize a musician or a band for being too technical; but what good are your chops if you can’t capture the heart/ear of someone outside of the progressive rock genre; not to mention that if you are a recoding engineer and producer by necessity, you shouldn’t even be behind the board. As many bands attempt to plant their flag in the world of melodic progressive rock, so few have been able to favor a much more hook laden enterprise to put all of that arrogance aside for a moment. A four piece band from Poland, Osada Vida have set out to create something unique, something of a solid collective of songs that gives this quartet’s musicianship breathing room.

In line with Frost*, It Bites, RPWL, and early-Shadow Gallery (with some nods to the art-esque new wave sounds of both Talk Talk & The Fixx), Particles has ten ‘songs’ that get to the point, forgoing any stagnation and providing an appropriate division where you don’t get dragged through, say twelve minutes of masturbatory noodling that goes nowhere. For one, it shall be heard that these guys are songwriters who push their limits when creating tunage; so of course, this is complete with all the bells and whistles, solos, staccatos, and insanity; however without the melodic foundation and clear, professional production, the record could have been a sack of shit.

Nevertheless the big opening solo fest in “Hard Boiled Wonderland” and the instrumental “David’s Wasp” give the art rock minded what they want; yet when listening to clear cut pop-tinged tunes “Different World,” Mighty World,” and “Those Day,” it’s clear that the band is well versed beyond just being a musician’s band; the fluidity that prevails with catchiness just can’t be beat. There is an interesting cover that makes the cut at the end, it is Metallica’s “Master Of Puppets,” which they sincerely put their own mark on the classic thrash tune. Overall it’s a tight record, a real ‘band vibe’ going on without sounding like it was tracked in several bedrooms, where the internet would have become an additional member. In the end, Osada Vida are one of the few prog bands that can break all the musical rules without everyone having to obsess about it.


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