The Pineapple Thief – Your Wilderness

2016 Kscope Music

As a band that helped ignite Nu-Prog, they gave us an exit ramp off prog’s road to nowhere as ears swerved from the jaded musicianship that often never changes scenery, even with the so called “diversity” that is as pretentious in an undercover way. Even though comparisons have panted images of both Porcupine Tree and Muse, those images aren’t within some paint-by-numbers exhibit. Still, Bruce Soord and company continue stack up various musical nuances on their eleventh album melding mellow with metal (“No Man’s Land”), possessing mood swings (“Take Your Shot”), and going deep into ballad territory (“Fend For Yourself”& “Where We Stood”) taking shots at catchy accessibility without going mainstream or losing the listener. Still as the mid-tempo vibe retains a captivation, layered reverb, acoustic guitars, synth pads, and Soord’s emotional vocals, the patented Pineapple Thief sound is in full-form with their melodic transparency and skilled edginess. As a band that many have wanted to check out, this marks one of many points where one can start; and for longtime followers, The Wilderness sees the band destined to remain as bold as ever.

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