Strattman – The Lie of the Beholder


 2014 10T Records

The only thing worse that an amateur prog band is a band that ‘thinks’ that they are a prog band. With skepticism, one can easily see in a world of here today and one tomorrow ‘bedroom’ recordings that it’s just getting a little too stale; yet every once in a while you do come across an album that does exceed expectations, and you realize that you thankfully gave the album a chance in the first place. For Little Atlas axeman Roy Strattman his debut solo work The Lie of The Beholder is one that encompasses the further expansion art rock while nodding to a modern sensibility of the alternative dimension.

Following darkened melodic fervor, the guitarist stays awake at the wheel combining intricate arrangements alongside singer/songwriter fortitude, for which his penmanship and axework bolsters the main duties. While reflecting John Wesley, No-Man, & Demians, highpoints include the hallowed grooves of “A Better World” & “The Lie of the Beholder” alongside the jumpy pop of “Detonation” with the extended “A Candle in the Sun” where the haunting atmosphere keeps an attentive attitude as opposed to leading the listener astray as the album as a whole might satisfy those whole might long for a new Porcupine Tree whom are on hiatus, although it should be said that although the influence can be heard, this is by no means a direct clone. Through the mellotrons, synth pads, spacious reverb, layers of guitars and dark, yet crisp pro production, The Lie of the Beholder just might eclipse that his of his home base, but it’s all to preference of course.

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