Three Trapped Tigers – Silent Earthling

2016 Superball Music

For all of post-rock and experimental music’s glory, there will always be these cerebral journeys through the mind’s  conscious that pose as cinematic soundscapes. Whether that intuitive perception of the melodies glow ominously as a silent film or as a series of musical narcotics, Three Trapped Tigers deliver a collective of neo-futuristic tunes of brain bending delight. Having planted their own flag into London’s noise rock scene, their latest offering of their harmonious gusto brings about new-wave keyboards, smoothly shredding guitars, sub-industrial rhythmic mannerisms, and even ethereal transparency at times.

The ominous experimentation yields gripping hooks, as does “Hemisphere,” which recalls some of Tangerine Dreams more intense material with “Strebeck” sounding like a mishmash of late period Kraftwerk and early XTC; ” plus acute numbers such as “Engrams” & “Elsewhere” put layers, if not loads altogether, of classy textures never losing sight of chordant auras. Fitting within any place, space, and time; these guys keep the songwriting in tow, letting the spices of musical nuances seep into the melodic soundcapes that infuse the mind with mysterious visions of the aural form.

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